We continue to receive an increasing number of donations from individuals and companies in the area. This has allowed us furnish an increasing number of apartments each week. Last week we helped furnish 17 apartments. Thank you to all the families that gave and all who received, you are both the reason that we exist.
We are open each Sunday Noon-2:30PM for donations.
No appointment is needed but please check the donor page for items we take and those we reject.
We are assisting clients on Sunday from 9AM-Noon and can not accept donations during those hours.

We also need volunteers:
to help on Sundays at our facility
to open on other days to help clients (times of your choosing)
to help in grant writing from home
to answer our donor calls and e-mails from home (excel knowledge needed)
If you can volunteer, please contact us for details.
How can you help.

The renovation is expensive. If you can, we would appreciate your financial donation. Mail a check made out to Furniture Assist to 24 Commerce Street, Springfield NJ 07081 or click the "Donate Now" button to donate via credit card or PayPal.
Thank you for your support and understanding!
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